• Rocksuit
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  • Ingrid with Rocksuit
  • Rocksuit - artist's sketch
  • Work in progress: artist's plans for the Rocksuit.
Ingrid Lahti - Rocksuit

Public artwork

For Art Outside VII, Port Angeles Fine Art Center, curated by Jake Seniuk. Port Angeles, Washington.

"[Rocksuit was] sewn and form-fitted around a large landscape erratic. Made of neoprene and snuggled around the massive boulder's bulk with zippers, it is a tony two-tone 'wetsuit' of black and aqua that might be worn by John Kerry windsurfing down the Columbia Gorge. With more than a whiff of black humor, Lahti foreshadows the rising of the sea up the slopes of Beaver Hill to swallow Webster's Woods [the site of Art Outside] as global warming advances."

— Jake Seniuk, On Center, August–September, 2006, p3