• Squeeze 2011 from gallery entry
  • Squeeze 2011 with hanging neoprene wetsuit
  • person inside Squeeze 2011
  • Squeeze 2011 with video screen
  • exiting Squeeze 2011
  • entering and exiting Squeeze 2011
Ingrid Lahti - Squeeze 2011

site-specific installation

At the Traver Gallery, Seattle, April 7 – May 27, 2011.

Squeeze 2011 is a tall, soft minimalist sculpture that invites visitors to walk into its flexible, neoprene fold. The installation is accompanied by a video performance and a readymade (the neoprene wetsuit that inspired the sculpture).

The video, Squeeze, from 2005 was choreographed to elicit an emotional response in viewers and to activate their mirror neurons. The mirror neuron system is a set of brain regions that becomes engaged when an observer instinctively understands what other people are experiencing. Entering the sculpture (physically) and the readymade (imaginatively) reinforces the emotional connections to the video performance.

Squeeze 2011 was installed at the Traver Gallery in Seattle as a part of Dual, the Private Life of Sculpture, curated by metal artist Catherine Grisez. Ranging from large-scale interactive conceptual sculptures to wearable art-jewelry, Dual featured work by twelve artists. The exhibition was accompanied by a catalog featuring images of each of the artists' work.

The video, Squeeze (2005), was originally presented at SKIN, 2005, an exhibition of sculpture, prints, and video at the Barefoot Studios in Tacoma, Washington. The choreographers and dancers of the Barefoot Studios presented an evening of dance and performance in conjunction with the exhibition.