• Three Doors at Center on Contemporary Art
  • Three Doors at Center on Contemporary Art
  • Three Doors at Center on Contemporary Art
Ingrid Lahti - Three Doors

site-specific installation

Exhibited at the Center on Contemporary Art, as a part of the 1990 MFA Thesis Exhibition, Sculpture, University of Washington.

Three Doors emerged slowly and intuitively at a time when I first began meditating. It was a physical manifestation of experiences/feeling states I encountered in the process of sitting mindfully. I wanted to suggest these experiences in a format that addressed all of the senses.

Three working doors were set into a triangular frame that allowed viewers experience and engage the sculpture. The frame rested directly on the floor on equal terms with viewers. A recessed light was integrated into the ceiling above each set of doors. Six surface treatments, one on each side of each door, suggested unique mental states, presented in complementary pairs.

At their initial approach, visitors had a choice of two doors to enter. Moving through their chosen door, they now faced another pair, and so on, creating an endless, repetitious cycle.

I created the work to appeal not only to sight but to kinesthesia, balance, and touch. Three Doors functioned like a piece of furniture or architecture in the real world.

— Ingrid Lahti, 1990