Ingrid Lahti - WET/DRY

site-specific installation

One of six paired installations in the group exhibition COUNTER/positions, at the OK Hotel, Seattle.

Each artist or team was given a pair of rooms facing one another across the long corridor on 2nd floor of the OK Hotel. All the rooms were identical in size: 8' by 8' with 9' ceilings, some still containing non-functioning sinks. I turned my rooms into contrasting environments of wet and dry.

In the WET room, water rained from the ceiling, drained into a sealed subfloor, and recirculated to the ceiling via a waterfall pump behind the curtain. The rain dropped continually and musically onto 15 different surfaces including buckets, bowls, and wineglasses. Photographs of volcanos, desserts, and the like invoked a nostalgia for dryness and heat.

In the DRY room, thick dust coated every object and surface.